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De Domp is a picturesque city campsite with places for campers, caravans, canvas bungalows and smaller tents. With the exception of Sneekweek, up to 60 places are available.

The campsite is located directly next to the marina which makes it easy to combine sailing and camping. During your stay you will find yourself in a place of relaxation due to the calm atmosphere, the water and the surrounding nature.

The sanitary facilities meet all the modern standards. A modern toilet, wash- and shower cabins with baby room, a disabled toilet and a washer, centrifuge and dryer are present. In other words, everything is available.

The use of the facilities, showers, water and electricity, with exception of the launderette, are included in the price of the overnight stay. This applies for the marina as well as the campsite. Free internet access available. Campers which are equipped with drainage can also be connected. Besides those possibilities, there are places available for caravans and canvas bungalows with water and electricity. The other places are also facilitated with electricity. For small tents there are places with no facilities available. The toilet facilities are always nearby.

The campsite is affiliated with ASCI, which makes camping outside the high season very beneficial.

At campground you can find the exquisite restaurant De Kajuit.


Our facilities: Water, Electricity, Washer, Dryer, Centrifuge, Showers, Toilet, Disabled toilet, Baby room, dishwashing area and Wi-Fi.
With the exception of the launderette, all facilities are included in the price of the overnight stay.