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Permanenth berths marina De Domp

There are permanent berths available for rent. If you are interested in renting a permanent place, please contact the harbourmaster.


Open berths

The space of the open berths vary between 6 up to 13 meter with matching width.

The rate of an open berth is € 19,70 per m2 per year including VAT (from April 1st until March 31st). For example, the rate for a space of 10 x 3,75 meter will be € 738,75 per year. A space of 8 x 3 meter will cost € 472,80. A space of 7 x 2,50 meter will cost € 344,75. This is including VAT.

Covered berths

The rate of a covered berth (boathouse) is € 32,80 per m2 per year including VAT. A boathouse is around 14,00 meter. Per boathouse the price starts at € 2089,36 per year including VAT. Throughout the year various boathouses become available. When no boathouse is available, you will be placed on a waiting list

Renters are allowed to sublease parts of their boathouse, provided that subtenants are registered at the harbourmaster. If you are looking for a smaller covered berth, there are some renters that still have a place available. For more information you can ask the harbourmaster.

Request of a permanent berth


To rent a permanent berth, you can mail to administratie@dedomp.nl. You wil become in a short time a reply mail with an application form and rental agreement. 
With the rent of a permanent berth the rental agreement will apply.
The rental agreement can be found on this website


An application form and rental agreement can also be acquired at the marina office at Domp 1.


The application form needs to be filled in completely in block letters and mailed to administratie@dedomp.nl